Pay Online for your Pay Monthly bill

Here you can make a one-off payment on any 2degrees Pay Monthly or Business Account, including Wireless Broadband purchased between 16 February 2022 and 19 October 2023.
All other Broadband payments can be made in Your 2degrees Broadband.
For an easier way to pay, set up an Automatic Payment in Your 2degrees.

Your 2degrees account details

You can find your account number on the first page of your bill. This is the account the payment will be allocated against, so please check you have entered the correct number.

Payment Amount

Minimum payment is $5. Tap inside the payment box to add a specific amount.

Payment Method

Please note, payment by Credit or Debit Card will incur a card payment fee of 1.00%. We'll show you the full amount on the next screen prior to payment.

There's been some changes around here so for most of you, you won't notice a thing. But if you're using an old browser try updating your browser first or top up and pay bills by downloading our mobile app, calling 200 or heading into store.

By making payment you agree to our Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Pay Online

These terms and conditions apply to the 'Pay Online' service offered by Two Degrees Mobile Limited (2degrees).

2degrees cannot reverse any online payment once the purchase has been submitted for processing, so make sure you double check the mobile number you wish to make a payment to and the amount of the payment before submitting your payment.

2degrees will not be liable to any person for any loss caused or resulting from your payment.

The 2degrees Privacy Policy will apply to any information 2degrees collects about you. 2degrees will ensure that information about you is held securely and will not disclose any information about you to any other person (except for the purpose described here or as authorised by you or when required or authorised by law).

To the extent permitted by law, 2degrees will not be liable for any loss caused or resulting from your use of the internet to send personal or financial information.

This purchase is subject to the Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions and the Business Terms and Conditions.